The Scotts Weed & Feed range of products provides vitamins to the lawn and kills weeds at the same time.  Most of Scott’s Weed & Feed products comprise post-emergent herbicides, designed to kill existing weeds reasonably than prevent new weed seeds from rising.

Stroll straight across the garden until you reach the other facet. Flip around and walk in another straight line directly beside the primary line of software. Continue until you’ve gotten walked over the entire garden as soon as.

The combination ought to then be along with only one cup of molasses or maize syrup. Particularly, the carbs and carbohydrate meals could be utilized by the garden. Molasses is loaded with iron, which is helpful in the greening procedure.

Turn the dial clockwise to the next setting. This is good for larger granules of fertilizer, as the opening which the lawn fertilizer will be passing through is bigger. On a Scotts spreader, an excessive setting would be 12 or 14.81bL9QuLmcL._SL1500_

Pour the weed and feed into the published spreader. Set the spreading rate to 1-lb. nitrogen per 1,000 feet, or as indicated by the manufacturer. Push the spreader backward and forwards over the whole garden.

Apply the Scotts Turf Builder to the garden using a spreader. A push-cart spreader is the best and most efficient option to apply the Scotts Turf Builder, however, you can even use a handheld spreader.

Discuss with the producer’s instructions for the price of an application as it differs based mostly on the spreading methodology used. Watch out not to over-fertilize any space of the lawn. Place the fertilizer spreader at one edge of the garden and pull or push on the face bar to start the circulation of fertilizer.818fogl84GL._SL1500_

Weed and feed merchandise, which combine fertilizer and herbicide designed to kill weeds while selling grass development, ought to never be applied instantly before or after seeding.  The herbicides within the weed and feed will kill young seeds and can slow or forestall germination if applied immediately following seeding.

Should you apply weed and feed to the garden before you seed, wait no less than six weeks to use seed.  If you wish to use it after the grass is seeded, wait till you may have mowed your garden 4 times, which is able to generally occur within six to eight weeks after seeding.

Scotts edge guard should be utilized utilizing a drop spreader or a broadcast spreader.  In the event, you use a Scotts drop, or rotary, spreader alter your dial to three half of.  If you are using a Scotts broadcast spreader, modify the setting to six three/four.  71DRfodznqL._SL1498_ (1)

Scotts edge guard accommodates tiny, light-weight granules that should adhere to the floor of the weed in order for the product to be effective.  This may best be accomplished by wetting the garden first or making use of after a rainfall.  No water must be applied to the garden after software for twenty-four hours, either from rainfall or irrigation.

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