Spring-driven, retractable hose reels offer the benefit of self-contained automatic retrieval that needs no external power source to use.

Because of this, they may be used in almost any kind of environment, including outdoor areas and remote sites. Retractable hose reels are manufactured with a lot of specificity in mind to make them ideally suited in order to specialty applications.

Choosing a reel is performed by analyzing the fundamental details and steps of the application, along with the actual diameter, delivery volume, and pressure of the hose, and then picking out a retractable reel that fits the criteria you currently have in stock and the procedure flow you already have in position.

Performance Retractable Hose Reels

The performance series model is made to consolidate space in a wide selection of different environments. It features durable construction to ensure constant, reliable performance without event and has become probably the most popular retractable hose reels being used.

Heavy Duty Retractable Hose pipe Reel

These spring-driven units have a larger chassis and frame meant to contain exceptionally long tubes with large diameters. They have a dual axle support system engineered to improve stability during operation as well as minimize vibration during make use of.

Supreme Duty Retractable Hose pipe Reels

These are the heaviest responsibility hose reels we carry and have dual pedestal-style arms support to have an extra large chassis. They’re intended for outdoor programs in extreme environments in which the unit may suffer unintentional abuse or inclement climate.

Dual Purpose Retractable Hose pipe Reel

This model is really two reels in one and is a superb space saver in cramped edges. Using two retractable hose reels for a passing fancy mount makes hose retrieval faster and much more stable. Air hose units, as well as electrical cord units, can be found.

Enclosed Retractable Hose Reels

Enclosed reels protect tubes and interior components having a steel casing that retains out the element. This can be a rather aesthetic tool too and should be set up in areas where appearance matters a good deal to corporate staff or even visiting clients. Enclosed retractable reels are created with a 3 piece casing that’s easy to take aside for maintenance and reassemble.

Lightweight aluminum Retractable Hose Reel

They are compact, lightweight tools retractable reels intended useful with hoses made through stronger materials. (Plastic hoses aren’t recommended for use with one of these reels).

Stainless Steel Retracting Hose Reels

This electro-polished, stainless steel reel is ideal for use in food as well as chemical plants, salt drinking water environments, and areas where corrosive pollutants within the atmosphere can cause the gear to the ruse.

Retractable Welding Hose pipe Reel

Small and large models exist to supply stable operation and minimal vibration whenever using welding hoses. Ask a material dealing with a specialist about which sequence model best fits your particular welding requirements.

Side Attach Retractable Hose Reels

These reels mount quietly of the wall having a two-bolt mount that is simple to install, detach, after which mount at a various station. They allow you to definitely access the hose through any position you remain. They are a preferred retractable reel for raising systems, any machine device, air/water service tools, device boxes, and vertical assistance.

High Capacity and Twin High Capacity Retractable Hose pipe Reel

These reels are made for high volume, low and medium pressure applications that need hoses with exceptional size. The box-frame design features cross supports to maintain the unit stable all the time. Dual units have 2 swivel inlets and 2 outlets for dual hose pipe applications.

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